Want to be part of an impactful student-led start-up aiming to change the dynamics in the climate change movement? Cascade (previously known as Ripple) is an app concept that combines leading climate research with effective behavioural insight to empower individuals to take control of their climate impact, and ensure this cascades (get it?) into industry and government change.


You can find out more about our project, our approach and team on our homepage where we also have our introductory video. We’ve built a diverse team comprising a wide range of skills, but would love to get more people involved. Check out more about team roles below or join us.

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Cascade Voluntary Internship

Cascade is an award-winning early stage start-up which combines leading climate research with effective behavioural science, to create an app that empowers people to take control of their climate impact. As a non-profit organisation, we’re looking for summer volunteer interns to join our dynamic team and support us in rolling out our next few app features. The roles we have available are:

  • Coding and App Development
  • Climate Data Analysts
  • Behavioural Analysts (UX)
  • Graphic Designers (UI)
  • Enterprise Managers

More about the Cascade Volunteer Internship

  • The volunteer internships can be virtual or in-person depending on COVID guidelines and candidate preference. The in-person internship will be based in Cambridge, UK.
  • We expect working hours to be around 9.30am-5pm, Monday-Friday with 1-2 hours of meetings a week outside of these times, but we are open to discuss how this would work.
  • To maximise your experience and impact, we’re looking for a minimum of 1 month availability. If you don't have this much time available over summer but would still like to get involved in Cascade, please see our general team member roles.
  • The role is voluntary, but to celebrate progress and achievements a range of perks may be provided to all volunteer interns (remote and in-person) such as pizza on Fridays and socials (e.g. bowling and punting).
  • For more about Cascade and our approach please see our website and the following articles written about our origins and approach.

Application process:

  • Stage 1: Submit an application below along with your CV, a max. 1 page cover letter, and examples of past work (depending on your role).
  • Stage 2: Successful applicants in stage 1 will be invited to an interview with one or two members of our team. After this stage, we’ll let you know the outcome of your application.
  • The deadline to receive applications is Sunday 8th August but places will be filled on a rolling basis.
  • If you have any questions please email

Apply here!



As a Cascade coder, you will use Django, Nuxt, Vue and Tailwind CSS to build up the functionality of the app. Cascade is a web app, so we’re looking for students with experience in the above frameworks who are eager to develop their skills in web app development through a practical project.

What we're looking for


  • Prior experience with coding languages (preferably JS or Python, but others acceptable) shown through degree or extracurricular projects
  • Proficiency with Git and knowledge of Git workflow
  • The ability to work well both in a collaborative team and independently with minimum supervision, able to take responsibility and initiative where required


  • Prior experience with the above frameworks specifically
  • Familiarity with coding best practices (OOP/functional programming/clean code/SOLID)
  • Prior experience with CD/CI and web development

Benefits and Skills Gained

  • Communication and collaboration in interdisciplinary work environment including with designers and product managers - key for any software development role
  • Valuable experience working with Git in a large project
  • Experience using an Agile software development methodology
  • Develop better code practices when working in a team, using the DRY principles and testing frameworks
  • Learn full stack web development using popular frameworks:

    Django to create a robust, secure REST API backend in python

    Nuxt and Tailwind CSS to create a dynamic frontend site in Javascript, CSS and HTML

  • Learn DevOps practices to provide continuous delivery and to host the web application on a linux-based server
  • Review and analyse other developers’ code to improve your understanding
  • Experience working in a rapidly growing start-up

Graphic Designer

As a visual design intern at Cascade, you'll play a pivotal role in bringing our new app features to life. You’ll be combining a natural eye for aesthetics with technical functionality to provide a clean user experience based on our behavioural analysts’ suggestions.

What we're looking for

  • Evidence of creativity and design skills in past projects (a space will be provided to upload portfolios and/or images of past work)
  • Experience with Adobe packages is preferable
  • No explicit UI/UX experience is needed

Benefits and Skills Gained

  • UI/UX experience with continual feedback on your ideas from our product managers and beta-testers
  • Experience combining creativity and functional performance
  • Experience of brand management and maintaining consistency across a design portfolio
  • Opportunity to work within an interdisciplinary team
  • Free access to the Adobe software packages for the duration of the internship

Enterprise Manager

As the Cascade enterprise manager you would be in charge of handling key aspects for any start-up. This includes managing our marketing campaigns to grow our following, writing up a business model, and ensuring that we’re on track to meet our organisational objectives by the end of the summer. This role is flexible so you can choose to focus on any or all of these tasks, depending on your strengths and interests.

What we're looking for

  • The confidence and initiative to apply innovative strategic thinking to meet ambitious goals
  • Ability to prioritise and comfortably adapt to changing circumstances and requirement
  • Excellent organisational skills and the ability to multitask
  • Confident using a variety of social media channels
  • Excellent spoken and written communication skills
  • Good sense of business acumen

Benefits and Skills Gained

  • A diversity of skills related to project and operations management
  • The opportunity to apply entrepreneurial business thinking to a real project
  • Strategic thinking useful for consulting roles